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Lo-Fi Version Time is now: 25th April 2015 - 02:55 AM
History - why'd it take us 4 years to revive the PK ROR?!??
Last edit: May 21 2009 added links to 2004-05 era messages.

Portkey's ROR had first run from Dec 2003 until late 2004 or early 2005. Scroll down this page for a copy of NAPPA's announcement about its launch. Here's his original message. Portkey's layout team made this Sinful Kiss skin for this area's re-opening on Apr 23 2009.

Soon some regulars called this place a second home for the adult, smut-loving sector of PK's population. In those days, access was given or denied based on a software modification that checked the date members entered in their forum profile's birthday field, which got locked once filled up. Our board software would then detect which members have entered qualifying birthdates and display the ROR to them. However bugs and server load issues eventually surfaced, prompting our techies to put the ROR offline but with the intention of reactivating it after fixing those pesky issues. Read this and this messages for better explanations.

Unfortunately their re-opening plans got swiftly overtaken by unexpected events. PK took a hit in staffing several times for various reasons. At the same time, membership skyrocketed before and after HP books 6 and 7. PK's mod teams subsequently focused on other tasks such as contests, processing gazillions of author and artist applications, and overseeing the forums. They did all those while seeing their real lives get busier and more PK staff come and go. Understandably, newer mods hadn't even heard of the ROR. Some mods joined many members in wondering Where'd the ROR go???

In mid-2008, we (PK's 2008-09 staff) started seriously considering reviving this area. It's part of our continuing efforts to give PK a makeover and renewed focus. It took us until April 2009 to devise another system for controlling entry and to recruit enough adults to oversee this forum. We ultimately decided that members must submit 'I'm of legal age' statements before PK admins would give them access. We don't really expect the ROR to be active again, but we all might get a laugh out of these archives.
Layout Credits

Not only has Maeve lent her "Sinful Kiss" drawing, she edited it herself for these ROR layouts. As always, PK's layout team gave various inputs. More info here including other layouts; note that you can't select another one for the ROR forums.
Copyright and other Important Stuff

© 2002 and beyond by PORTKEY.ORG created by Imran (aka NAPPA) and James.

For any concerns about the site, please contact the Mod Team preferably by posting in the FAQs and Help Desk but read all available FAQs first, please.

Read our Terms of Service and this for credits and our policies about privacy, copyright, quoting and other legalese. We are a site run by fans for fans for the purpose of enjoying or discussing the Harry Potter universe. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made. We are not affiliated with the creator, publishers, movie production company, cast or crew of the Harry Potter stories or with anyone else who holds a legal claim over them.

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Ask what you can do for this site. Click here.

Read BEFORE you post anything here!

(There's a "history" box down this page, above the copyright notice.)

This area stores our site's NC-17 topics usually about SEX and SMUT featuring Portkey's ships. We haven't nor would we do anything illegal here. We're only out to have some harmless naughty talk with our fellow smut loving Portkey-mates.

To read our chatter, you must follow these instructions then wait for us Portkey staff to give you access. No compliance, no access! Give PK staff 1-2 weekends to enable your ROR permissions, although we usually process it within 48 hours. Read those linked instructions before asking for an ROR pass.

You'd know your request was granted when you see more subforums named Click me to enter the ROR! or something along those lines while logged in the forums.

Portkey staff may deny access to anyone or revoke access anytime. You risk getting suspended or banned if you lie about your age to enter the restricted subforums.

What to Expect

Plenty of broken URLs to fics and art. We won't delete any of them because they have some value. The ROR's REAL VALUE is that it's a place for us adult oldbies to again share smutty fic ideas, fics and shippy art as well as other mature naughty chatter.

And oh, it's probably less wild than you imagine(d) it to be. :P

Excuses to enter the ROR

1. For the Portkey-ers who were underage in 2004 but are 18 y/o or older now, this is your chance to see why many adult PK-ers had serious withdrawal symptoms during the ROR's downtimes and extended absence.

2. For fic writers: you might want to borrow some plot bunnies posted here or to discuss your smutfic in greater detail. One writer had posted her adult-rated "deleted scenes" from her PK fic called A Love Like No Other. The ROR also has topics like "What makes a smutfic a badfic?"

3. For members who joined after 2004: now you could see Portkey's naughtier side.

4. Need more excuses?